DOG DAYS by Karen English CHAPTER 3

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Read-Aloud Tip for Families - Make reading time a priority!

Sit down as a family and decide on a daily reading time, and then consider it an appointment that needs to be kept. Some families might find that right before bed is the best time, but early risers might enjoy reading at breakfast. For younger listeners, bath time can be great! Build it into your daily routine and soon you will find that everyone is ready and waiting to hear what comes next in the story.

Chapter 3: Problems, Problems, Problems

Have you ever had to do something to fix a mess you made? Or have a consequence for a mistake you made? Or just a chore you didn't want to do? In this chapter, Gavin has to make up for breaking his sister's snowglobe. So what is he going to have to do??? We will find out!!

Chapter 3: Vocabulary Terms

  • protests (pg 29) - speaking out in disapproval or opposition
  • grotesque (pg 29) - ugly or distorted
  • pursing (pg 30) - bringing tightly together; puckering
  • quarters (pg 30) - a place where you will live or stay
  • pleading (pg 31) - begging
  • grim (pg 31) - stern or harsh
  • modern (pg 32) - characteristic of present and recent time; not ancient
  • extract (pg 33) - remove
  • uncharacteristically (pg 34) - not the typical behavior of
  • deflate (pg 34) - to dash someone's hopes

Chapter 3: Trivia Questions

  1. What does Aunt Myrtle do that upset Gavin's mother?
  2. What is unique about Gavin's teacher?
  3. How is life like math?
  4. What was Antonia's problem?
  5. What does Richard keep saying that upsets Gavin?

Chapter 3: Discussion Question

  • Lots of classrooms have behavior management systems like Ms. Shelby-Ortiz's room. Do you think they are effective in changing behavior? Are there better ways?
  • Family Activity: Being a Responsible Pet Owner (Community Service)

    When Carlotta comes to Gavin's house, they have to make sure they have a place for her to sleep, and Gavin has to walk her every day. Do you have a pet? Are there responsibilities for taking care of this pet?

    Make a visit to a local shelter to volunteer or visit with the animals that do not have families.

    Donations to the shelters are also great ways to get involved! Take a trip to the local pet store and purchase some items as a family and donate them.


    Use the BINGO card as another family activity!
    Big picture

    "I'm sure Carlotta is going to like her new quarters." (pg 30) Gavin's Father when he sees how upset his wife is that Carlotta is at the table.