By:Christian Andrade

Did You Know That

Hurry up already! the longest baseball game was an outstanding 8 hours long and was 33 innings long that was played by the Chicago White Sox and the Milwaukee Brewers, the White Sox won 7-6 after 33 innings! I, Christian Andrade, LOVE baseball, in fact baseball is my favorite sport. In this article you will learn about, baseball history, field and equipment, and baseball tips.
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Baseball History

Not too surprisingly Babe Ruth was counted as the best baseball player. Babe Ruth has had over 60 home runs! Babe Ruth is the best baseball player, how about the best baseball team? Babe Ruth was on the best baseball team called the NYY (New York Yankees). The New York Yankees have won an outstanding 27 world series and have been in the world series 40 times. The Royals team in the 2015 world series, Escobar was the first person to get a inside-the-park home run since 1903 in the world series. Have you ever wondered the year Baseball was invented? Well you are at the right place, baseball was invented in New York in the summer or 1839.
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Field And Equipment

Baseball field can come in all different sizes for all different ages. The field is the shape of a curved triangle, like a pizza with the crust curved and the edges a right angle. There are three main parts of the pizza, left,center, and right field . The very tip of the pizza is where the batter and the catcher is. In the infield there is third base on the left side of the field, In the infield on center there is second base and on the right side there is first base. In the outfield there is someone for right, someone for center, and someone for left field. In baseball you need many things, some things you need are optional and some things you need. For batting you need: your helmet, Bat, and you can use batting gloves. For defense you need: a glove, and a hat, there may be other things you need for different positions like catcher.
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Baseball Tips

Did you ever wonder what bat to use? well here is somewhat of a answer. The best bats are metal they are lighter and stronger for more power. But why does the M.L.B use wooden bats? good question they use wooden bats because they have to, well metal bats are too overpowered, literally. Metal bats can hit the ball further, therefore more home runs so they use wooden bats. Have you ever batted and striked out and was disappointed because you didn't swing fast enough? Well here is a little tip that may help you, It is as simple as putting your arms out as far as you can so you can swing faster.
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Do You Know More Baseball Now?

In this article you should have learned a little bit about baseball, from the longest baseball game to some helpful tips. That is why baseball is my favorite spot. Now if your friend wants you to name 3 baseball facts you can say 5 facts but seriously I hope you learned more about baseball and you will start thinking about playing baseball, or if you already play baseball hopefully you can take in account the yips and be the best baseball player on the team. Now use all of this information and you can be the best baseball player ever!


  • inside-the-park home: a inside-the-park home is when the ball lands on the dirt and no one catches it and the runner is fast enough to go to home.
  • strike out: a strike out is when you swing at the ball three times without hitting it, getting 2 fouls and then getting a strike, or if the ball is in the strike zone and you don't swing 3 times