Carl Pei

Co-founder of OnePlus

Why Carl Pei is Successful

Carl Pei saw a problem and strove to fix it. Many smartphones were very expensive, and not made of high grade materials. The Samsung Galaxy Series (until the S6) were all plastic. He believed that he could make an amazing smartphone for an amazing price. The One, is a quality smartphone that packs power. That innovation took the world by storm.

Personal Characteristics

1.) Patience

It took a while for the Internet to notice this small startup company, but Carl Pei stuck to it, and waited until the company gained interest. He was patient, and scraped by as the small startup slowly rose up the ranks.

2.) Willingness to take risks

Carl Pei made a smartphone that was powerful and cheap. In the begging this did not seem like a good idea, for if they only sold a few, they would not make much profit. However, he took the risk and hugely rewarded from it.

3.) Perseverance

OnePlus and Carl Pei persevered through many legal issues and shipping difficulties. They did not have enough money to advertise in the beginning, but they made do with that they had. They persevered, and if they had not there wouldn't be a OnePlus around today.

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