gay rights

my memorial

what is my issue-

my issue or injustice that I would like to create my memorial about is gay rights or homosexual rights. this is a very important topic that in my opinion isn't talked about enough, because apparently today if you support gay rights that makes you gay which is ridiculous. being gay isn't bad but they way people talk about makes it sound like it is.

who does your issue effect-

this issue effects many people. from anywhere to homosexual people to the family members of these people. this issue can also effect normal people that witness a gay being treated unfairly. but i feel like this mainly effects gays, they are denied basic rights that everyone should have. places like chickfila and Walmart don't allowed homosexual people come into their establishments just because they prefer the same sex over the opposite.

why should there be a memorial about this-

there should be a memorial about this because it effects so many people around the world and judging and bulling people for there sexual orientation is something no one should do and something no one should have to deal with. peoples minds need to be changed and I think this memorial could help with that.

what is your goal of this memorial-

my goal for creating this memorial is mostly to make people that are homosexual know that they are not alone. there are so many people that think they are alone but they truly are not. even though this memorial would be located near Washington DC I would hope that it becomes big enough that people all around the world would start to know about it. so many suicides are committed all around the world because of people being bullied and being left out because they are gay and I want that to change that, no one in this world Is alone .

where should the memorial be place-

i feel like this memorial should be placed about the white house which is located in the district of Columbia. i feel like this is the best place for this memorial to be placed because most change can be made if its placed here.