The Mountain that erupts!

What is a volcano?

A volcano is a chimney that connects magma (lava is magma that comes to the surface) to the surface of the earth in what looks like a mountain.

What do Active volcanoes mean and what are some names?

An active volcano that has erupted in the past 600 years. Some active volcanoes are Mt. Saint Hellens which has current activity along with Augustin. Redoubt which it’s last eruption was in 1990. Spurr whose latest eruption was in 1992. Lassen last eruption was in 1917. Also Hood whose last eruption was in 1866.

What is a dormant volcano and what are some names of them?

A dormant volcano is when a volcano doesn’t erupt for 600 years, but scientists think it’s capable of erupting again. Some names are Mount St. Hellens, Mauna Kea, Mt baker, Campi Flegrei, Nisyros and Mt. Hood.