Techy Science

Technology Tools for Science

Techy Science Files

Nearpod HW code BFCJT - use this code to access presentation at a later time if you choose

Google Presentation - Slides that were used in the Nearpod

Today's Meet Discussion

Padlet Sharing Board - double click to add something

Product Focus

Thinglink with lots of great product making apps

Museum Google Slides Template - students create museum exhibit Slides presentation

Aurasma - Example project handout with steps on how students used Aurasma Augmented Reality.

My Favorite Curation Tools

Use these tools to bookmark content and share with students.

1. Blendspace

2. Scoop It

3. Pinterest

4. Symbaloo

20 Ways to use Pinterest in the Classroom

Quizzes and Games

Kahoot - Enter questions, can play on computers or mobile devices. Go to to play. Go to to create your own. New ghost mode.

Cram - create a list of terms and definitions. Play in game format.

Play my cell organelle example here.

Socrative - create quizzes, exit tickets, and has one game option.

Passing Out and Collecting Assignments

Showbie - app allowing students to turn in work digitally on iPad. I also use itunes U to create my class and post assignments, websites, videos, and apps to look at. Then the students turn in the work using Showbie.

Google Classroom - set up classes to pass out assignments and turn in work. Can use desktop/ laptops and iPads.

Seesaw - iPad app set up classes. Pass out assignments. Journal of student learning. Invite parents to join.

Wrap Up

Tools allowing students to respond.

Schlecty Center Resources


Tiny PDF - iPad app that allows students to annotate on pdf files

Graphite - Website with information about tech apps, resources, ratings, and lesson ideas.

Problem Attic - Website with searchable questions from state assessments.

Smore - create newsletters and flyers easily and email them to parents and students.

Bulb - Share work easily - Here is a bulb shared from our virus project.

Nearpod - presentation tool which can assess learning and gives instant feedback

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