What Are You For?

By: Drewcilla Harvey

Life Before the Holocaust

  • Before the Holocaust, roughly nine-million Jews lived in almost country in Europe.
  • Eastern European Jews lived separate lives as a minority.They even had their own language,Yeddish.

During the Holocaust

Adolf Hitler's anti-semitism grew out of resentment for the German loss of WW1.He blamed the Jews for Germany's defeat in the war.Hitler used the Jews as a scapegoat for all of the problems that the Jews were facing in the 1920s and the1930s.In result, Hitler was elected leader of the Nazi party.
Jews were taken to gas chambers,with the thought that they were going to take a shower,where they were killed by gas.
  • Later,the US came to the concentration camp and rescued the Jews.
  • We gave the Jews their own portion of a country,but the Palestinians won't acknowledge the Jews.

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