WW-P HS South EdTech Bulletin #1

Resources for Lesson Planning & Collaboration

September 1, 2016

Welcome to the first High School South EdTech Bulletin!

Dear colleagues,

Welcome to the first of, I hope, many HSS EdTech Bulletins! In it, you will find ideas for incorporating technology to enhance and transform your lessons and increase collaboration among students and teachers. I will be working closely with my "North"ern counterpart, Jessica Verrault, to provide you with at least one new tech tool with each easy-to-read bulletin. We will also include creative ways to use the tools you may already be using, as well as ideas on how you can take control of your professional development. As these ideas are shared out, I encourage you to seek me out to assist you as you explore this new tool or technique with your students. I look forward to spending as much time in your classrooms as possible (planning lessons and trying them out together) and I hope to share all of your amazing ideas with everyone else as the year goes on!

Please don't hesitate to contact me via email or Google hangout. (I can show you how to set that up if you need help!)

Yours in pirate pride,

Kim Lowden

Pirate Pride Lesson Showcase

Coming soon...

Have an idea, lesson, or web-based (or print) resource you'd like to showcase to your fellow pirates? Send them our way, and Jessica and I will include these ideas in upcoming bulletins!

Kim Lowden

Teacher Resource Specialist for Technology

A little bit about me... I join the Pirate family after working with the Grover Jaguars during the 2015-16 school year. This will be my eleventh year in education. Prior to coming to West Windsor-Plainsboro, I taught Social Studies for nine years, where I worked with my students and colleagues integrating different mobile technologies into the classroom. I have my bachelor's from TCNJ in history-secondary education and my master's from Saint Joseph's University in instructional technology. I was also recognized by ISTE as an "Emerging Leader" in 2015. I am really excited to join the pirate family and am eager to meet, work with, and learn from all of you.

How can I support you? I am eager to work with the Pirate family as you integrate technology in meaningful and engaging ways into your curriculum. In addition to sending out tech tips to benefit the whole staff, I am happy to also personalize what YOU need for YOUR class, curriculum, and population of students. If you have a problem that needs analyzing, or a tech tool you want to explore, or an idea that needs flushing out, I'm here to help. My schedule is flexible to meet you when you are available. We can set up a time to meet individually, small group, or even with your department. I would love to support you in lesson planning, project development, or assisting you in your classroom. Kindly send me an email or Google Hangout, and we will work out a time that fits with your schedule. I am always happy to lend my support! I look forward to meeting you and working with your classes.

When do I submit a tech ticket? Whenever you are having a technical issue, such as network connectivity problems, printing problems, hardware/software issues, etc. Our amazing staff of WW-P technicians will be glad to support you.