A cell is like a concert

Kiersten Little

Security is Cell Wall

The security guards are like a cell wall because they protect the cell from harmful activities and helps maintain the atmosphere of the concert, just like a cell wall is an extra layer of protection for the cell and helps maintain the cell's structure.

Fans are Cytosol

The fans are the cytosol because they are everywhere and are contained within the perimeter of the concert. The cytosol is contained within a cell membrane.

Stage is Nucleus

The stage is where the performance occurs and is the where the focus is. The nucleus is the control center of the cell.

Band is Nucleolus

The band is the nucleolus because it controls the entire concert. The band also produces the music or energy of the concert like the cell produces the ribosomes for the cell.

Instruments are Ribosomes

The instruments or band members are the ribosomes because they are the energy of the concert. Without the members of the band, there would be no energy or protein for the concert. Ribosomes make protein in a cell.

Entry Gate is Cell Membrane

The entry gate is the cell membrane because it controls what gets in and out of the concert. The entry is where you present your ticket, so you can only get in with a ticket.

Custodian is Lysosome

A Custodian cleans up all of the trash after the concert, just like the lysosomes clean up the cell by digesting enzymes.

Concessions are Vacuoles

Small businesses and restaurants within the concert are like vacuoles because they are both storing food.

Loading Trucks are Secretory Vesicles

When the concert is over, the lighting, amps and instruments must be packed for the next show. The secretory vesicles are organelles that transport out of the cell.

Crew is Golgi

The crew must set up the stage and equipment before the show and it is then packed and delivered to the loading truck to be sent away. The Golgi packages things for transport in the cell.