Classroom News

By: Rohan Gudipaty

How to be a Good Nurse (Based on Nora From "SeedFolks")

This is an essay that explains on how to be a good nurse. It is based on the story about Nora, from the Seed Folks Essay. Nora is a nurse that is sent to take care of the patient, Mr. Myles. She realized that he lost his speech, due to a second stroke. He was bound to a wheel chair. She nursed him through their regular walks, and made him become interested in gardening. It is hard to know about his history, his likes and dislikes, however it is clear that he enjoyed this process and actually planted many flowers.

I chose this topic to illustrate the ways of being a good nurse and the impact on the health of the patients.

Step 1: Be kind and nice to the patient

Step 2: Take time to understand the depth of the patient’s problem or disease

Step 3: Make a mental plan to help

Step 4: Execute the plan to benefit the patient

Step 5: Look for good results

Step 6: Work to resolve issues, if any

The letter for today (From "Locomotion")

Dear News Writer,

I am having bad luck wherever I go. It just does not feel the same. I am writing in a poem book about everything that happened to me in my life. My sister is living away from me. The only person I am living with, is a person I call Ms. Edna. She is very mean to me because she always tells me to be quite, no matter how good and well behaved I am. It has been hard for me to live with her and be around people that do not show respect. Help me find a solution to this problem.



The letter of advice (From "Locomotion")

Dear Lonnie,

I understand how you feel to have a life full of misfortune. I have had plenty of experience of people disrespecting me in school. One man came up to me and told me this, “God is everywhere. God decides your future. Never give up, always keep trying. Always stay on the good side“. I am definite that someone in this world cares for you, even if you do not know that person. No matter what happens, God is always there to help you. So, when you have a problem, think about God, then negative will become positive.


Rohan Gudipaty (News Writer)

Book Review for "Heir Apparent"

This book was published in 2002. Heir Apparent was a great book; I would give it four out of five stars. It is about Giannine Bellisaro, a girl who gets stuck in a virtual reality game called “Heir Apparent” She has to complete a few challenges like getting the magic ring and defeating the man- eating dragon in order to get her out. This book teaches the readers to never give up and always try their best. I would recommend this book to all my friends, who have not read it so far.

The author, Vivian Vande Velde, is a person who probably likes writing books on fantasy and virtual reality. This book has not received any awards yet but I sincerely feel that this author deserves one. Other books in this series are “ Deadly Pink” and” User Unfriendly” I look forward to reading these books too.

-Rohan Gudipaty