Joseph Rogers Primary School

December 7, 2015

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It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

I have enjoyed seeing all the holiday decorations and holiday writing and art projects in our school this week. This is such a festive time for our students and the look of excitement on their faces when they see Christmas decorations and Christmas lights is precious.

Once again a Christmas poem and little light hearted fun in these two weeks leading up to Christmas Vacation.

As I wrote this, I felt like I should apologize for all the things that you have to do. But this is what makes you such extraordinary teachers.

The 12 days of School-mas

On the twelve days of School-mas

My principal gave to me

Twelve standards to unpack

Eleven benchmarks to grade

Ten days to get everything done

Nine more days of bus duty

Eight long list"y" emails

Seven updates to your calendar

Six more positive parent phone calls

Five days of Secret Santa

Four weeks of Wassail Wednesday

Three sets of goals to assess students (on and turn in!)

Two more weeks of lesson planning


ONE long, relaxing Christmas vacation (well that's not really from me:)

I figured we all needed a laugh this week! I hope that each of you enjoy your much needed Christmas Vacation. Treasure the time you spend with your family and I hope that your holiday season is very blessed.

Hope you enjoyed the lighthearted newsletter. Serious stuff to come after Christmas!


Calendar of Events

fun times at jrp

November 30 - December 14 - AimsWeb Testing

December 7-11 - Benchmark (global) assessments

December 8 - Santa pictures

December 11 - writing assessments due; will meet during collaborative to score these

December 15 - Tasty Tuesday lunch in the library

December 16 - SWOT due from benchmark; Polar Express Day; SWPBS reward; Extended Planning with 4.5 meetings (a schedule will come in email).

December 17 - Abbreviated Day; Christmas Olympics more info to come from Cindi

December 18 - breakfast; focus on unpacking standards for Math; shutdown for Christmas holidays before leaving on break. We will begin this day at 7:00 am

December 21-28 - Hallways will be waxed. School will be CLOSED. School will open again on December 29.


Maybe Christmas, he thought, doesn't come from a store. Maybe Christmas... perhaps ...means a little bit more.

- The Grinch

We can all learn something from The Grinch.

I hope you will take time for yourself during the Christmas vacation and remember what the season is all about.