Cyle Cox 1st Block

Introduction of Carbon

Carbon has many different states of itself. Such as solids, liquids, gases, and plasma. The physical properties of carbon are that it has two allotropes of graphite and diamonds. Graphite is very soft and diamonds are the hardest thing known to man. Chemical properties of carbon are the chemical symbol is C, it combined with oxygen makes CO2. Carbon is the most compounded element in the universe. Its combinations beats all of the elements combined. So it is a very versatile element. Carbon is found in the sun, stars, comets, and most of the atmosphere. Carbon has 15 known isotopes that are stable.

Carbon in use

Carbon is present in every living organism. And all the compounds it can form equal up to about ten million compounds. Carbon is so versatile because it can make the hardest thing in the world being a diamond and one of the softest, graphite. Carbon is also made from the interior of stars. The melting point of carbon is the highest of any element which is 3550 degrees Celsius. Finally, The only other more abundant elements than carbon are hydrogen, helium, and oxygen.