Rosa vs Peter

Comparison of two characters


Well, for starters, Rosa is a girl as oppose to a boy. Also, instead of Rosa being a "guest" like Peter was to Anne, she is the "host" to Daniel because she was at the Lodz ghetto first before Daniel. Peter and his family had to ask the Frank's to stay at their annex, so he was their "guest". Then, there is the fact that Rosa is a fictional character and not real unlike Peter. Lastly, Rosa and Daniel both liked each other the moment they saw each other. Peter and Anne greatly disliked each other.


In the end, both of these characters end up liking the main character and providing a source of hope for them. Daniel wants to keep on living for moments like he had with Rosa and Anne is not bored to death because she can talk to Peter instead of just her diary. They also end up having the same fate of the people they fall in love with. Peter dies with Anne, and Rosa gets married with Daniel. Also, they both stand up for what is right. When Mrs.Frank wants to kick out Mr.Van Daan, Peter doesn't want to leave his father because it wouldn't be right. Rosa also notices that in a neighbor's house, the father is stealing all of the children's bread. Rosa asks Peter to help stop the stealing of food, and they ultimately do just that with no harm done.

Rosa meets Daniel

When Rosa finally meets Daniel, everything completely turns around for Daniel. In a good way. This all happened thanks to his sister, Erika. Erika becomes friends with Rosa, and introduces her to the family while they are all delousing their clothes. Peter is shocked, and at the instant he looks at her, he falls in love. Rosa then invites him to one of the youth groups she hangs out with in Lodz. After that, they both like each other and start dating. Rosa comes into Daniel's life at a very difficult time, and gives Daniel a reason to live. If Rosa hadn't have come into Daniel's life, Daniel would have probably died along with his family. Daniel is the life in his family, so if he died, his family probably would as well.