Land Of The Smiles

Visit Thailand!

Come visit Thailand the Land Of The Smiles. One of the most respectful country you will know. The climate is hot and tropical, perfect for vacation. The hot season is carried throughout most of the year. You can visit the Gulf of Thailand, and boarder the Mekong River. The food is known to have the most flavor, and catches your taste buds. I promise you, you won't want to miss it.

Thailand is separated from higher class to lower class. But Thailand is changing because the growth of rural areas, and the middle class growing.


In Thailand, when entering a home, it is polite to take off your shoes before entering homes. When you decide to visit a temple, dress properly and formally it shows respect. Speaking of respect, when there is a Monk/Buddha present, show major respect. Don't disrespect a Buddha picture or monk ever. Lastly when you're out and about in public and the national Thai Hymn is played stop and stand still to show respect.
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There are things you can't do in Thailand. Don't touch someones head who is older than you or putting your feet near the persons head. You can not show disrespect to Royal Thai Families. Lastly you can not show disrespect Buddha in all artistic ways.


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Da Endorphine ft.Thaitanium - Bangkok City