The 3F Glove!

Made to help Autistic patients everywhere

The 3F Glove

The product acts as an external support for more fine finger movements. Restricting the user’s fingers from quick and sharp movements. This slows down their hand movement which improves their handwriting.

The product provides more balance to the hand while it writes making the hand less likely to shake.

The utensil used will be able to stay on the hand because the rubber provides more grip for the fingers.

Overall it will improve people's writing skills as well as their fine motor skills.

Autism Spectrum Disorder

ASD or Autism spectrum disorders are neurological disorders that hinder people’s ability to communicate properly. Specifically in our scenario our patient, Priya has a form of ASD that makes her unable to speak and write in an efficient and timely manner. Priya is a grade nine student and is very bright but because of this disorder, she cannot express her ideas. So we created our product to help her, as well as the many other ASD patients, that can't communicate by writing.


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