Physical Therapists

Faith Wedin: Career Goal- To become a Physical Therapist

Career Overview

Physical therapists are heath care professionals who help patients reduce pain and recover from injuries.

Tasks Physical Therapists Perform

  • Refer patients to other healthcare practitioners
  • Treat patients using physical therapy techniques
  • Record patients medical histories
  • Research medical issues

Career Skills & Intrests

Some skills needed to be a successful physical therapist are reading, listening, speaking, writing, helping others, managing time, and coordinating with others.

Career Working Conditions

Physical therapists often spend lots of time standing, walking and sometimes even running. They usually work with a group or team, have face-to-face discussions, make decisions without supervision, and have to meet strict directions.

Wages and Outlook

In Minnesota, the average salary for a physical therapist is $37.48 per hour. The nation wide average is $40.16 per hour. There are currently 3,760 physical therapists employed in Minnesota. They are also currently in very high demand and seeing very high growth. In 2022, there is predicted to be 4,219 physical therapists employed in Minnesota and 277,700 in the U.S.

Related Occupations

Some related occupations and job titles are Pediatric Physical Therapists, Registered Physical Therapists (RPT), and a Rehabilitation Services Director.

Education and Training

Program of Study

After high school, you will need to attend a four year college. The minimum requirement to become a physical therapist is a master's degree.

Program Admission

Some helpful high school courses to take are anatomy, chemistry, human development, nutrition, and medical ethics.

Program Coursework

Some courses that you will complete when becoming a physical therapist are motor control, nutrition, diagnostic imaging, human anatomy, and therapeutic exercise.

Related Programs

Physical therapists also must earn graduate degrees from accredited physical therapy programs.

Physical Therapist Career Information : Physical Therapist Job Description


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