Falcon Monthly

December 1st, 2014

From the desk of: David Roland, Principal


The Holiday season is upon us! After returning from Thanksgiving break staff and students are refreshed and rejuvenated ready to tackle the last three weeks before Winter Break. The next three weeks are important. Mid-term reports were sent home not too long ago, and this is a great opportunity to excel academically because students can work very hard with a nice long break in mind.

December is filled with field trips, concerts, athletic events, and parties. Students become more excited as we get closer to the break. I have asked our teachers to work diligently to keep students on task with a strong academic focus and strict behavioral expectations. I know this can be a challenge this time of year, so I am asking you to talk with your child about his/her behavior as well as academic effort. We want a strong finish to the second quarter and we appreciate your support.

I wish you and your family a Happy Holiday season!


David Roland

December - "A Christmas Visit"

‘Twas a week before Christmas

And throughout our school

Students and Staff were busy

For there was so much to do

All skills were being taught

With process and flare

Not forgetting that children

Should be "Handled with Care"

Our secretary was cheerful, happy, and gay

We’d be lost without one

Is all that I’ll say!

The custodial staff

Had the building real clean

The cooks were a cooking

Christmas hot dogs and beans

When out in the building I heard a soft chatter

I jumped from my chair to see what the matter was

Away to the hall I went like real quick

I suspected some foolish grade school trick

Was it a fresh coat of wax on the floor, I didn’t know

But something was there that sparkled and glowed

When what to my wondering eyes should appear

But a kindly old man, and upon his face was a tear

With knowledge and wisdom cupped in his hands

Before me stood the ghost of Horace Mann

(For those under 30, the Father of Public Education)

At first I was shocked and I spoke not a sound

But I quickly began to call others around

The rest of the staff to my creaking voice bounded

When all had appeared Horace finally sounded

“Twas not from sorrow these tears I do shed”

Horace continued and this is what he said,

“In the world beyond as I listened to the news

I was greatly upset by what they said of my schools

All that I read or heard of each day

Was of public schools that were in decay

I heard of students who couldn’t and

Teachers and parents who wouldn’t

Of politicians and bureaucrats that did

But shouldn’t

I’m sorry to say but believed it was true

I was so depressed I knew not what to do

Perhaps the best time for public schools had past

I’d close them all down I decided at last

At that same moment I heard a distant, faint sound

So compelling and inviting it just had to be found!

Following the sound to where I was mysteriously drew

I ended up here at this very school

I watched you all closely, both parents and staff

I discovered they were wrong and I started to laugh

Here in your school, I thought in my head

The public school missions is far, far, from dead

You haven’t forgotten as they said that you did

The importance of learning for all of the kids

Here at your school as I peeked behind each door

I saw staff and parents teaching much, much, more

You teach young children of life, others, and self

Of things that can’t be found in a book from a shelf

The sound that I was hearing which drew me to you

Was the sound of children learning in a wonderful school

So now I’ve no worries in all of my head

With schools such as yours I have nothing to dread

All of those experts who declare gloom and doom

Obviously have never visited your rooms”

So Laying his finger aside of his nose

Horace declared, “It’s time to go”

He waved good-bye as he floated down the hall

With no hesitation he walked through the wall

But I heard him exclaim as he vanished from view

“Thanks for all that you have done for our school!”

Happy Holidays from the CSMS Administration!

PBS News

Time sure does have a habit of getting away from all of us. Just yesterday it seems, was the beginning of school – new clothes shopping, bus and class schedules to figure out, new teachers to meet. Now we are almost ½ way through the year, with other concerns in front of us. Our Anti-Bullying campaign was a huge success, students and staff were terrific in their participation. Red Ribbon Week was a hugely popular experience for everyone, staff and students were very creative in their daily attire. The holiday vacations have begun, which means our students are as much away from school as they are in school. But the educational and behavioral goals are no less important during this time.

Students are now that much closer to crunch time, when how they study, prepare and act will have that much more influence on the rest of their middle school experience.

As the tension mounts for good grades, students need a positive method for handling the pressure. At Citrus Springs Middle School, we endeavor to promote good habits, whether it be in test preparation or social interaction. Obviously, if a child has a good balance, they navigate through the process with much more ease than those without. We have as much a stake in our students’ academic successes as we do in their social ones. It is evident that students who are comfortable with their peers and who are able to identify proper social and personal behaviors stand a better chance to be successful in negotiating through their academic life and beyond.

We encourage our students to talk it out, to help identify those areas that they are struggling with or those areas that they feel least successful in. Parent involvement in this process is crucial. If your student tells you of a problem, if you see an area of concern, please advise us, and conversely, we need that you be open to our sharing of the same. As a more impartial observer than a family member, teachers and staff see the student away from the family dynamics, interacting with others as family members do not.

Lynda Becker

PBS Coach

Media Center News

The book fair is coming! We are looking for volunteers to help with the book fair anytime December 3rd – 12th. If you are interested, please call Kathy Androski at 352.344.2244 ext 4445.

The Falcon Nest (media center) is looking for sponsorship for their reading incentive program. If you have a business or would like to make a donation, please contact Kathy Androski at androskik@citrus.k12.fl.us or call 344-2244 ext. 4445.

Do you have Box Tops or Campbell Soup Labels around the house? Send them into the media center! The proceeds support our reading incentives!

CSMS Parent Family Night will be December 4th from 5:30 – 6:30.

Visit the book fair, tour the science fair, listen to our band perform, and learn about the AVID Program!

CSMS Library Twitter

CSMS Library Website


Congratulations to our October Teacher of the Month, Lisa Paprzycki and our Support Person of the Month, Walter Redmond. There was not enough time for their names to make the last deadline. Also, November’s Teacher of the Month is Teresa Petit and Support Person of the Month is Kathie Richie. Also, congratulations to October’s Soaring Falcons, chosen by their teachers for their academics and behavior: 6th grade, Olivia Camunas, 7th grade, Courtney Pinnell and 8th grade, Bailey Thompson.

Science Fair & Parent Night

Thursday, Dec. 4th 2014 at 5-7pm

150 W Citrus Springs Blvd

Citrus Springs, FL

Come support Citrus Springs Middle's Band & Science Fair participants! Visitors will enter through the concession area. Enjoy some pizza, cookies, drinks, and get the latest on AVID, science fair, and see a great performance from the CSMS band! The band presentation begins at 6pm in the cafeteria. This event is open to all! This will be another great community event for our school.

Out Of Field Teachers

Citrus Springs Middle School is proud of all of our teachers’ and administrators’ qualifications and certifications. We appreciate the following teachers who have volunteered to teach a subject outside of their primary certification and are currently taking classes to obtain certification in the area they are teaching out-of-field.

Mrs. Becky Smith - English Language Arts

Mr. Randall Carswell - Advanced Academics (Gifted)

Mrs. Bobbie Jo Meigs - English Language Arts