The 3 Super-Tools for Change 2015

Tap Asia's Top 50 Experts from CHAEN Business School

The Top #9 Best Buy Learning Programs, Strategic Consulting & Employer Branding Media Services

  • Tailor-make your 2015 Learning & Development Plan

  • Discover The 3 SUPER-Tools for Strategic Change
    1) Learning Super-Tools
    1.1 Professional image branding and new staff orientation program
    Personal branding through LinkedIn, Facebook
    Gen Z and Gen Y coaching
    1.2 Culture change, creativity, and mindset change initiatives
    1.3 The Bounce Back Strategy™ for The 10 Key Result Areas. CONVENTION
    1.4 Papillon Metamorphosis PowerCamp - the ultimate personal effectiveness camp
    1.5 "Valued customer experience" and sales championship

    2) Strategic Management Consulting Super-Tools
    2.1 Expertise strategic consulting by Asia's top 50 expert consultants
    Experts in: ▪ HR ▪ Recruitment ▪ OD ▪ IT ▪ Event management ▪ Social media ▪ Branding ▪ Crisis management ▪ PR ▪ CSR ▪ Marketing ▪ KPI system ▪ Employee idea e-system ▪ NLP

    3) Employer Branding, Branded Entertainment, TV, Media & CSR Super-Tools
    3.1 Bounce Back Malaysia CSR nation-wide initiative, and reality TV series
    3.2 Employer Branding, branded entertainment, reality TV, film, videos, CSR-PR events
    HR attracting and retaining high potential talents
    3.3 Orange Army™. Social media branding influencers.
    Crisis management. Handling the media.

CHAEN Business School: * Creative * Transformational * Magical

Chaen Business School is the #1 training and strategic consulting experts in Asia. CBS has an ever expanding pool of more than 50 trainer-consultants that cover the full spectrum of management, leadership, creativity, culture change, employer branding, HR, PR, CSR, sales, customer excellence, image, personal effectiveness, values, and purpose.

Chaen Business School is a Division of ChangeU Group. You can tap the vast expertise from the other divisions such as Change University (Robert Chaen's signature powerworkshops), BorneoHunter (executive search), and Chaen-Santy Media Group (employer branding, branded entertainment, TV, film, video, CSR-PR events).

Find out why Fortune 500 corporations and Top Brands such as Coca-Cola China, Cathay Pacific, Hong Kong Airport Services, Nestle, Samsung, Berjaya, Naza, and HSBC are so excited about CHAEN Business School learning programs and Asia's Top 50 Experts. Get the BEST BUY value for your training and consulting services budget.

About the Founder: Robert Chaen
Wizard Chaen as he is affectionately known is "The Coach to CEOs & Celebrities". Chaen is based in Hong Kong/China/USA for 20+ years, he had worked with top ad agencies at JWT and Leo Burnett HK, and is a certified Franklincovey (7 Habits) and NLP MasterCoach. He has been widely featured in TVB, AWSJ, CNBC, and SCMP.

Robert Chaen is a Host & Coach of a Reality TV franchise series in S.E. Asia. It features top global executives and celebrities exploring breakthrough strategies and leadership.

Robert is the CEO of Chaen Business School and ChangeU Group.

Chaen Business School

Testimonial excerpts

"Very enlightening." ~ Dr. Henry Yeoh, Deputy President, Malaysian Institute of HR Management

"Robert is one of the best leadership coaches, He made a vital significance to my personal leadership development." ~ Victor Foo, VP-Hotels, Resorts World Genting

“Robert has a knack for bringing out the best (in people)… it allows us to dig deep into our personalities and understand where our strengths and weaknesses are.”
~ Sharon Ko, General Manager, Carsem (M)

"There is only praise for Asia's newest inspirational technique." ~ TVB

"Excellent job. Our people loved it. They enjoyed it so much that they were reluctant to leave the room. The coach was full of energy and spirit." ~ HR Director, Gap

“After 16 years of working, I finally realised the type of leadership personality I have in this training… this is not textbook training.”
~ Sri Murugan G. Supramoney, Plant Quality Manager, Volvo

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