Life Cycles

By Baylei Miller


When a hen lays an egg after 21 days it will hatch with a part of it's beak that is called an egg tooth.It takes 5 hours for it to peck & push. It pecks & pecks & pecks & it's out! The chick is wet when it comes out. Then the chick grows & grows & grows & then it is a grown up & then it dies. It has skinny legs & claws.


First a butterfly is in a egg. It is called a larva. It eats its egg. Then it starts to eat a leaf. It eats until it is big, like really big. It stops eating. It makes a pupa. After 15 days it starts to crack. A beautiful butterfly comes out!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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First a female frog lays hundreds of eggs. A few weeks later the egg starts to hatch. Tadpoles come out. Then it starts to grow back legs & then front legs & it even to grow lungs. Then it is a froglet! After a while it will grow,grow,grow. It is a adult frog now!!!
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