The Big Field By: Mike Lupica

By:Colton Berggren


Hutch has been playing baseball for pretty much his whole life. Darryl comes and joins the team and takes Hutch's place on the field. Now, Darryl plays shortstop and Hutch plays second base. Hutch's dad Carl doesn't enjoy baseball as much as he used to and Hutch is trying to figure out why. the St. Louis Cardinals ends up winning the World Championship. Carl becomes happy for Hutch and hugs him after the World Championship.

Author Information

  • Mike was born on May 11th, 1952. Mike lives in Connecticut
  • Mike graduated from Boston College
  • Mike is on ESPN every Sunday
  • Mike wrote 23 fiction books
  • Mike used to have his own show but it got cancelled
  • Mike write for various newspapers and magazines
  • Mike Co-wrote autobiographies with Regie Jackson and Bill Parcells
  • Mike graduated High School from Bishop Guertin in Nashua, New Hampshire


Hutch is the protagonist. Hutch is a good St. Louis Cardinal player. He is trying to figure out why his dad doesn't like baseball as much as he used to.


Darryl is the antagonist. Darryl makes Hutch move to second base while he takes Hutch's old place which is shortstop. Darryl's name is D-Will for short.

Other Main Characters

  • Keith Hutchinson
  • Darryl Williams
  • Cody Hester

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Personal Recommendation

  1. The Underdogs
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  3. The Big Field