Harley Davidson



Harley Davidson was started in Milwaukee Wisconsin in 1901. The creators are the harley family, and Walter and william A Davidson. They started making motorcycles because they were good at doing it and they wanted to make a living out of it. And they wanted their motorcycles to be the fastest racing motorcycles. They build a small wooden workshop (still there but they fixed it a little.) that is were they build the first motorcycle.

Progression of the Company

The company was a small motorcycle company started in Milwaukee, WI in 1901. Three people were involved: John E. Harley, and Walter and WillIam Davidson. They entered a motorcycle race ( a company enters a race to advertise their product.) Then they became a bigger company after that because more people knew about it and wanted to race. They received four Army Navy “E” Awards for excellence during WWII. Now the world knew about Harley Davidson motorcycles. They have a celebration for Harleys every year, in Wisconsin and in South Dakota. In the 1950s and 1960s the company had many racing victories. In the 1970s they introduced the FAT BOB and the SUPER GLIDE. In the 1980s, they introduced the SOFT TAIL. In the 1990s and 2000s they had big celebrations for the 90th and 100th anniversary of the company. In the 2010s the SPORTSTER was introduced.

Impact on Society

They started the company because they wanted to be the number 1 company in racing motorcycles. Now a lot of people have Harley-Davidson. And other people think they are important because Harley-Davidson is so expensive. Harley-Davidson supports a motorcycle racing academy. Without Harley-Davidson motorcycles some people's lives would be boring, and the racing of motorcycles would be very uninteresting. They built a massive museum in Milwaukee, Wi to show the history of the motorcycle and its importance to society.

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The founders of the company were John E. Harley and Walter and William A. Davidson of Milwaukee, WI. They started the company in a tiny shop. Their company grew and grew. They wanted their motorcycles to be the most famous motorcycle racing machines. In WWII they supplied motorcycles for easy transportation at the war fronts.

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Harley Davidson have made a lot of good motorcycles over the course of time. They made motorcycles like The V, Twin, the Super Glide, Fat Bob, Softail, Sportster, and more. There motorcycles are amazing in the racing world as well as the world of joy-riding. Harley Davidson purposely designed motorcycles for women. They also market clothes , helmets, scarves, gloves, keychains, belts, books, and all items for the riders. They are very famous in racing motorcycles. All the other companies dropped out because not a lot of people wanted Harley motorcycles. But only 2 stayed Harley and Indian. People all over the world started racing Harleys. People did not only race them but did other stuff too like riding a Harley Davidson up a Larch Mountain 11,000ft. In 1922 Harley Davidson swept up all 8 National Championship Races.

Brief History Lesson Of Harley-Davidson