Stay Calm and Live on

Tips on how to stay calm when stranded on a tropical island.

Surviving on a tropical island is hard enough but when you add in stress, nerves, and other emotions survival becomes nearly impossible. So this is a guide on how to calm those emotions and stay alive.

The Basic's

  1. For starters take a deep breath, this will help you take a moment and recollect your thoughts before making rash decisions.
  2. You should then continue to focus at the problem at hand, a good tip is to think of the most immediate problem that needs your attention to survive.
  3. After that is done focus on a way to get off the island and attract help.

* Panicking will not help you survive!

Staying Calm

  1. The main thing to keep in mind is to relax and think things through. Not thinking ahead will have consequences. (preparation is key)
  2. Do not think about the awful things that can happen, put all your attention to the positive.
  3. The deep breathes will help get oxygen to your brain so you can carry out all needed steps and have a second to go through your list of what to do.
  4. React quick enough so the problem doesn't worsen but control your self so that the reaction is helpful not damaging.
  5. Having a plan helps keep things under control so that the stress does not creep back up on you but only having a plane is not enough you must carry through.

Each of these steps and tips can help you to stay calm when stranded on a Tropical island.