Kritagya Daily Reflection

All about my learning at lee

Today is a great day. We had a new student. Her name is Anoreen. She is great.
Today I had a great Friday. I all ready finished my biography expository, decimal line up,spelling test. That is all it.
Today I learned about commas and where you put it. One is when you use it in a period. Another place to put is on addresses and dates.
I think that she will be happy because we had a good report and the class room is clean
Today I did was makey makey its something that you use sercuts I think.

February ,1 2016

Today I learn was I input output table and

February 3 2016

To day we our big GOBEE I almost went to the tie breaker but two questions wrong but to to Sebastian congratulations to him that he won the GOBEE and the tie breaker was jordyn Daniel Sebastian.

February 5 2016

To I did the 100 day of school menu

February 11 2016

Today I learnd about singular and plural words. They have apostrophes in I also bring a teddy bear.

February 16 2016

Today was an awesome day. Today we talked about are writing. Then we did some science.

February 17 2016

Today I learned about measurement. I learned that measurement is just like fraction and decimals.

February 18 2016

My best part of my day was when we herd about a app called tellagami. It's a app that you can send a message to anybody.

February 19 2016

Today I learned that 1 lb is hard to find because you need to have exact number

March 4 2016

Today my adjective is funnest because today was the funniest. Today I got a provilion pass and Ashutosh go one to. We had so much fun.