Robert Hunter Report

Feb. 6, 2021

Robert Hunter Elementary School

Mrs. Sherri Glaab, Principal

Mrs. Jessica Braynor, Vice Principal

Feb. 6, 2021

Dear Robert Hunter families,

We want to thank everyone for a great job with virtual learning during this week’s snowstorm! We heard from so many teachers that students did a great job and were working hard during virtual instruction (and we hope that they played hard in the snow as well!) This year continues to be unusual and challenging, but one day at time, we are making the best of it.

This past Friday was Game Day! If your child did not get a chance to post on the school Padlet about their favorite game, they can still do so here:

Check out the Padlet together as a family, and maybe get some ideas for new family games!

Play is so important for children, and we encourage play even when we are distanced - we just have to be a little extra creative!

We hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Warm regards,

Mrs. Glaab and Mrs. Braynor

This week's calendar:

Cohort A Blue Week, Cohort B White Week

Feb. 8- Kindergarten registration opens online

Feb. 9

Feb. 10 - After-school Clubs Cohort A, Meal pick-up 1:30-3:00,

Feb. 11- After-school Clubs Cohort A, Material pick-up opens 9:00 am, Igloo Material Pick-up 2:30-4:30

Feb. 12- NO SCHOOL (Professional Development for staff) Material pick-up closes at 4:00 pm.

Requests for cohort change:

Families may request a change in their child’s schedule from in-person (hybrid) learning to all remote, or vice versa. Any requests honored will start on March 16th when the new trimester begins. Please note that all requests must be emailed to Mrs. Glaab ( by Feb. 22. All requests must include: student name, grade, teacher name, and current cohort. If a change is needed, please note that it may result in a teacher shift and may also result in a cohort A/B change. A change in teachers or cohorts may be necessary to ensure balanced class sizes and meet social distancing requirements. Your prompt request allows our school to make the necessary adjustments to our building schedules and cohorts. All requests to transition from in-person learning to fully remote, or vice versa, shall be granted, provided that they are received by the deadline and with the understanding that transitions to in-person learning will occur at the beginning of the new trimester and transitions to fully remote learning or in-person learning will occur after receiving written permission.

White Week Zoom Meetings

If you have any questions/difficulties entering Zoom meetings during your child’s white week, please contact the main office. You may call the office at (908) 284-7620 or email Robyn Bennett at and Wendy Chambers at Please do not email your child’s homeroom teachers, as they are teaching the other cohort and will likely not be able to respond to the emails. The main office has all Zoom link information and will be able to help troubleshoot.

Music Instruction

For this week, again, a Zoom link for music class is posted in your child’s Seesaw/ Google Classroom. Children will NOT be using Mrs. Alexanderson’s zoom link this week. Our RH students will be hosted by our FRSD Music teachers that service our other elementary schools. Please note that some of the teachers use shared links, so the name of the class may be a different subject, but the link is the correct music class.

A note for Hybrid Learners

As an additional reminder, please send your child to school with a water bottle daily, labeled with their name. Also, ensure your child’s mask fits your child's face correctly, and please send a spare mask in his or her backpack. Some masks are losing elasticity, and we want to ensure a close fit to the face to serve the mask's intended purpose.

Igloo Family Challenge

Thank you to everyone who signed up for the family igloo challenge. You may pick up your materials on Thursday, Feb. 11th from 2:30pm-4:30pm. Use ONLY the materials supplied by the PTO to build your igloo. Use whatever materials you want to create scenery in or around your igloo (penguins, polar bears, Eskimo, seals, etc.). Post a CLEAR picture of your igloo on the school padlet by February, 19th: Be sure to include your family’s name when you post your picture. An email will be sent when the Padlet is open for everyone to view the igloos. Winners will be announced in the morning announcements!

Effective School Solutions Newsletter

Effective School Solutions is a company that partners with our school to provide mental health and well-being resources:

See the Effective School Solutions February Newsletter here: ESS Solutions

PTO Updates and Reminders

Save the date! February PTO Meeting- Thursday February 18th, 7pm

4th Grade families - 4th Grade families - Baby pictures for the yearbook are due Feb. 26th. Please email photos to Allison Pelletier ( with the subject line stating “Yearbook Baby Photo”.

Please see the flyer HERE for more information!


Please see this letter from the yearbook committee:

We're reaching out to ask for photos for the yearbook. We are working to ensure that we capture this year's student memories. Homeroom Parents are helping with the collection of photos for the Yearbook Committee. Please share any photos of your child you may have from Halloween, First Day of School, Spirit Day, Pajama Day, Spirit Day or any holidays that you celebrate. Please send any Back-to-School photos or photos of your child in costume. Please include your child’s full name and class with your submission.The Yearbook Committee can be reached by email at

Also, please see the flyer below with information for ordering yearbooks:

Big picture