The O-Zone Layer


What is the O-Zone Layer?

The O-Zone is a layer in the Earth's atmosphere with high concentration of the gas o-zone. It is a molecule containing 3 oxygen atoms and protects the DNA of all surface dwelling by absorbing ultra violet b from the sun.

What is it made of?

78% Nitrogen, 21% Oxygen, little bit of argon

Although the Ozone is made up of ordinary oxygen, just like what we breathe. The only difference is that ozone is made up of three oxygen atoms, while the stuff we breathe (molecular oxygen) is made up of only two atoms. Solar rays high in the atmosphere convert O2 to O3. In the upper atmosphere, rays from the Sun break a normal oxygen molecule into two separate oxygen atoms. Another oxygen molecule then picks up one of these atoms to form an ozone molecule.


Where is the O-Zone layer?

It is the layer of gases surrounding Earth

What destroys the Ozone?

The Ozone is destroyed by chlorine atoms.

Common misconceptions about it

Aerosol spray cans are a major contributed to the hole (the hole is a myth) in the Ozone resulting in climate change.

Climate change and the loss of the Ozone are pretty much the same thing.