Arieal Butler

Ceramics 1 Portfolio

Gone With The Wind

I created this cup because I wanted a functional piece of art. I wanted the cup to have a simple design, however interesting and the different levels of swirls accomplish this. My main dilemma was making sure my swirls did not go in too deep causing it to destroy my cup. Also, getting rid of all the shavings was very difficult and time consuming. Throughout the working days, I constantly had to place one hand on the inside of the cup judging the thinness of the areas I cut out. When it came to the shavings, I just patiently and gently rubbed them off.


My motivation in creating this vase was to have a very simplistic design, however a colorful, visual pleasure. I created this piece because I love having vases and bowls around my house and I thought it'd be nice to add this to my collection. Smoothing out the coils without making my walls weak was a major problem. "Flowin Green" was the result from restarting from my original design because my walls became too weak and collapsed. In the end, I was successful at blending the coils together by building the entire ceramic piece out of thicker coils. If I could change anything about this piece, it'd be to make it bigger. I completely love the shape and color and I'd love to make it bigger, a more bold piece.

John Deweese Pottery

In this work of art, I see tools of some sort. The objects seem to be house hold items such as a vase and tools. The main _ that dominate the work is the color. Because the object is one solid color, it adds a calming effect. The rustic texture including the cuts along the bottom half and the different dimensions on the top half create a visual pleasure. I personally think the artist created this work of hard during a hard time in his life; many years ago. I think this sculpture is about using items for different puposes other than why they were originally created. The artwork communicates a depressing emotion due to the lack of color and the sharp edges. This artwork is successful because it demonstrates work of art that is different from today's world. Recently, art that I have seen in museums are colorful and smooth, however, this is the complete opposite. Because of its orginality, the artist. I think. achieved his goal of requiring humans to think about times or things we are not used to think about.

Free by Emma Marie Caldwalader-Guild

In this sculpture, I see one solid color but the detail in the man makes up for it. I believe if the artist would have added color, it would have taken away from the amount of detail viewers see because they would be drawn to the color. Other than the color, the space of the sculpture is brilliant. Instead of standing straight up or sitting down, the artist made the man lean and it addded a realistic touch. The texture also adds to the sculpture because the artist put the correct amount of realistic touch in the right places. Such as his underpants; they are wrinkled in the crease at the top of his thigh just like it does in real life. I believe the artist made this sculpture during an economic down turn due to the lack of clothes the man has on and the worried look he expresses through his body language. A depressing, worried, tired emotion is expressed through the artwork and the idea that humans have a lot to think about or do. I believe the artwork is successful because it easily demonstrates the reality of the stress anyone has at any givin time.