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Friday, September 30, 2016


Mrs. Close’s Class – The kids have been busy solving multi-step word problems! They have had to round to arrive at a “ballpark” answer. Then find the exact answer. The last step is to compare their ballpark with the exact number to determine if the exact answer is reasonable. Initially, these steps were challenging for the kids because of all of the work involved at each stage. They have risen to the challenge and are doing very well! The plan is to finish Module 1 next week. You’ll find two corrected topic quizzes in your child’s Friday Folder. Keep those Exit Ticket corrections coming my way!

Mr. Lawton's Class - For math we continue to work on rounding, moving up to larger numbers and trying to be more about WHY or HOW something is happening. We have spent a lot of time finding patterns and asking if something is reasonable. I continue to give them challenge questions, for which they think I am a little crazy. As I tell them though, I will never ask them to do something they cannot do. If there are ever any questions or concerns you may e-mail me any time.

Mr. Hart's Class - We have been working on place value and rounding. This concept can be difficult for some students. We are going at a slower pace than normal, but I want to make sure that the student's understand this foundational skill before I move on.

We have also been working on solving more complex math problems, using previous CML problems. I will be sending home some sort of math homework on a daily basis, please encourage your child to do their best. If they struggle and need your help please show help them any way you can. I have told the kids that you may show them a different way to solve a problem than I have taught and that, that is okay as there are different ways to solve a math problem.


The kids took a mid-unit unit assessment today. Some students need to finish up on Monday. Look for those to come home next week in Friday Folders. I am so proud of the effort that each and every child is putting into their independent work. They are reading some challenging articles and stories and even pushing themselves to write each day!

I just started a new read aloud titled Ruby Holler by Sharon Creech. We'll be depending on this story as we continue to work on making inferences, characterization, story elements, and theme.

Please be sure to ask your 4th grader about the two-headed snake story!

Spelling Bee

Seven 4C spellers have signed up to compete in the competition! Word lists will come home Monday. Click below for more info!

Friday Folder Flyers

Be on the lookout for a flyer about.....

  • The PTSA UPK-5 Mother/Son Night
  • The Screen Free Challenge ~ Starts Monday!!!
  • Socktober
  • The PTSA Martial Arts Program
  • October 5th is the International Walt to School Day!

Farmers' Market

On Tuesday, October 5th, our class will visit the Annual Farmers' Market. Students are welcome to bring in a few dollars to buy a locally produce!

Student Government Elections

During the upcoming week your child will be voting for The Student Government President. They'll have a chance to view the six candidates' speeches and even segments of the debate. This promises to be an exciting experience for 4C!

Open House

Wednesday, October 5th will be our Annual Fall Open House. Parents are invited to come tour the school from 6-7:30pm. There will be no parent conference and/or party sign-ups that evening. The conference sign-ups will come embedded in next Friday's Newsletter as a link to SignupGenius. Party sign-ups will come the same way as we approach each holiday.

Dates to Remember

Tuesday, October 4th ~ Farmers' Market

Wednesday, October 5th ~ International Walk to School Day & Open House 6-7:30pm

Friday, October 7th ~ Evacuation Drill & Early Dismissal (11:45)

Contact Information

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