Memory Strength Training

Shloka Jain and "THE" Dagan McCombs

Why Mnemonics & Tricks?

We chose this topic because we are interested in how people think back to their past memories to remember or recall things. We all have ways to remember things that we learn and use them in our everyday lives.

What is a Mnemonic?

It is a learning technique that was developed to assist us in remembering speeches, concepts for tests, or other complex ideas.

The Brain

Our brains are responsible for encoding and interpreting complex stimuli such as pictures,emotions, language, positions and all of the five senses. It affects the brain in the same way that the Memory Palace ( Method of Loci) does. The systems of the brain that are involved in spacial recognition and navagation

The Research and Psychologists

Who discovered mnemonic devices?

It is also known as the the Ancient Art of Memory. Mnemonics originated in ancient Greece by sophists and philosophers. They discovered that painting a picture in one's mind of things that they wish to remember, can help to utilize information already stored in our brain to make memorization much easier.

Interesting Fact

  • Music Mnemonics is a way to rely on past memories through catchy hooks and lyrics. The sound of the beat triggers sensors in your brain to bring back, and recall memories associated with that song.