Douglas For President!

Let the People Decide What They Want!

Soon they will claim to have the right to take anything!

Lincoln claims that the government should decide what people should be able to possess in new territories. Were we not given the right to property? Allow us our rights to own everything that we have personally worked for, including our slaves!

Secede and Succeed!

There has never been a "union" of America to speak of, as long as men like Lincoln insist on strangling the rights from the common man. Let us rid ourselves of scoundrels as himself and form our own true union!

Breckinridge Shares Ideals

Respected Presidential Candidate also agrees with Douglas on Slavery

Breckinridge also believes in the American right to own property. He too supports citizens' rights to carry their slaves with them into the future of America.

Vote Democrat, Vote Douglas

Douglas represents the true Democrats in the North, the ones who understand the value of property rights.