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Sobertec Drug Rehab Can Help Break Bonds of Addiction


Sobertec Drug Rehab Can Help Break Bonds of Addiction

CLEMENTE, Calif., (July 31, 2013) – Addiction is a disease that knows no bounds; people from all walks of life can be afflicted with any number of addictions. Helping people stay clean while building successful lives grounded in long-term recovery is the mission at Sobertec.

One of Sobertec’s key components is that it is a drug rehab facility in which all the counselors have experienced active addiction, overcome it, and have dedicated their careers to helping others do the same. The Sobertec drug rehab team has many years of practical and effective experience in treating the disease of addiction and teaching clients how to break free from this condition.

Sobertec is the drug rehab facility for individuals who are ready for change. Sobertec offers a full range of services including crisis intervention, extended care, transitional care, (so clients can work or attend school) and outpatient programs. Helping clients build a new life is Sobertec’s first priority and it is the drug rehab facility committed to helping clients every step of the way in the battle against addiction.

Sobertec’s staff knows a "one-size-fits-all" drug rehab program does not work for everyone. A Sobertec advantage is that it is a facility that can offer affordable comprehensive recovery programs tailored to address individual client needs. Sobertec gives each client a unique treatment solution, which is only enhanced by the integration of the “Twelve Steps.” The social component of the Twelve Step” program is priceless, combined with the Sobertec drug rehab techniques for recovery.

Sobertec uses an individual and personal approach – a strong foundation in drug rehab recovery requires it. Clients and their loved ones lives depend upon arresting the scourge of addiction. This insidious disease will not go away without a new way of living, breathing and thriving and Sobertec is the drug rehab that can make that possible.

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