e portfolio investigation

Problem defined

The problem is: -

  • students can't easily access the work they produced and demonstrating their progress.
  • Things are not organized and well located.

*These easily to be solved with an e portfolio.*

Design brief

My task is to investigate portfolios and e portfolios and design plan and create my own e portfolio to showcase my academic work and demonstrate my progress over the year and then evaluate the effectiveness of my product.

Research :: Portfolios and e-portfolios

The definition of e-portfolio

An e-portfolio is a purposeful aggregation of digital items – ideas, evidence, reflections, feedback etc, which ‘presents’ a selected audience with evidence of a person’s learning and/or ability. it is also accessible in many different devices.

E portfolio - who uses it and why

E portfolio is really useful for students, It can provide an opportunity to support one's ability to collect, organize, interpret and reflect on his/her learning and practice. it is also a tool for continuing professional development, encouraging individuals to take responsibility for and demonstrate the results of their own learning. lastly e Portfolio provides a link between individual and organisational learning.

Different types styles and examples of e portfolio

E portfolio is different from portfolio because e portfolio can be access easily unlike portfolio.

There are many e portfolios styles that are used by different people for different purpose. here are some examples: -






More at:



Students e portfolio

Links to students e portfolio examples:






Design specification

The product i create must:

  • Be free
  • Accessible in a variety of computers
  • Be able to store work produced in all classes (Texts, images and sounds)
  • Contain sections/pages for all MYP subjects, MIA and CNS section
  • Have a homepage that have:
  • Good name/url
  • be professional and academic... not cute, funny, silly, etc.

Test method

I will test my product on Wednesday 18/Sept/2013

Using SurveyGizmo

The testing group will conduct of 5 classmates:

Max, Haroon, Ty, Muy, Tokna.

Criterion A: Investigate EVALUATION

0 The student does not reach a standard described by any of the descriptors below.

1 — 2 The student states the problem. The student investigates the problem, collecting information from sources. The student lists some specifications.

3 — 4 The student describes the problem, mentioning its relevance. The student investigates the problem, selecting and analyzing information from some acknowledged sources. The student describes a test to evaluate the product/solution against the design specification.

5 — 6 The student explains the problem, discussing its relevance. The student critically investigates the problem, evaluating information from a broad range of appropriate, acknowledged sources. The student describes detailed methods for appropriate testing to evaluate the product/solution against the design specification.