By: Nidhi Marchareddi

Job Description

A hairdressers job is to cut and style their customers hair. Many people also go to hairdressers to dye, extend, permanently straighten and/or texturise their hair.

Qualifications and Educational Requirements

Hairdressers need to be licesed as a hairdresser, barber or cosmotologist. They also usually need to complete an apprenticeship in hairdressing and three to four years of relevant experience.

How Will You Pay For Your Education?

I would pay for my education with the money I have saved from a part time job in high school and my parents will most likely give me some money too.

Specific Skills Required For The Job

Skills needed to be a hairdresser may include an artistic touch, patience, social skills and budgeting skills.

Type of Income I'll Receive and its Definition

As a hairdresser, I would recieve a salary. A salary is a fixed amount of money paid on a regular basis (usually fortnightly or monthly) to an employee of an organisation.

Approximate Income

A hairdressers income can range anywhere between approximately $20K to $57K depending on how long they have been working for.

What Interests Me About This Occupation?

Hairdressing interests me as I love the idea of styling other peoples hair and making all of my customers looks unique and fit for their specific personality and appearance.

Additional Relevant Information

Hairdressing has been a part of society since Ancient times. Greek women were first known to dye their hair in 400BC and in the Roman times, dyeing and bleaching became trendy. Hairdressing appealed to not only woman, but also men.