The Coaches Corner

February 1 - February 5

This Week

This week begins the filling out of Application B for authorization as an International Baccalaureate World School. I will be meeting with principals this week to work on each schools separate application.

Birch Street and Cherry St are going to have their consultant visits in the coming months. Birch St. February 29-1st and Cherry St. March 21 & 22. These visits are very important to our application for authorization. We will have the same consultant that visited before, and it is up to her to whether we are ready to apply. As the visits approach I will be getting information out to staff to prepare us.

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None this week.

K – PSF-

1st – RCBM-

2nd - RCBM –

3rd - 5th RCBM –


All Students

K- None this Week

1st-5th- None this Week

Where I will be this week...

Monday: BSE

Tuesday: BSE

Wednesday: CSI

Thursday: CSI

Friday: TC am, BSE pm

Important Events this Week...

Monday February 1st

Kindergarten Full Day IB Meeting (BSE conference room)

Staff Meeting after school

Tuesday February 2nd

1st Grade Full Day IB Meeting (BSE conference room)

Wednesday February 3rd

4th Grade Full Day IB Meeting (My office in central office)

Thursday February 4th

Special Teachers Full Day IB Meeting (My office in central office)

Friday February 5th

Pre-K pm IB Meeting (BSE)

Of Interest...