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February 8-12, 2016

Quote of the week

3 things you can control every day:

1. Attitude

2. Effort

3. Actions to be a great teammate.

Jon Gordon

Upcoming Events

Next Week:

Monday Feb. 8 A Day

Happy Birthday Coleen!

Tuesday Feb. 9 B Day

Collaboration Meeting Day (SIT)

10:30 3rd Grade PLC

2:45 Class Parties ( We will let parents helping go back to your room at 2:30)

Wednesday Feb. 10 C Day

No Kindergarten and EC students

12:30 2nd Grade PLC

2:30 1st Grade PLC

4:00 Dinner provided by PTA

4:30-8:30 PM Parent Teacher Conferences

Thursday Feb. 11

Happy Birthday, Ruth!

8:30 AM District Spelling Bee at FT-- Good Luck Xander!

No Students

11:00 AM - 8:00 PM Parent Teacher Conferences

Friday Feb. 12

No School

Next Week:

Monday Feb. 15

No School

Tuesday Feb. 16 D Day

9:30 4th grade PLC

Wednesday Feb. 17 E Day

8:30-11:00 Trisha at Administrative Staff

1:30 5th grade PLC

4:00 BLT Meeting

Thursday Feb. 18 A Day

9:00-12:00 Trisha at Elementary Principals

Friday Feb. 19 B Day

Happy Birthday Chris!

Collaboration Meeting Day (SIT)

BRAG band rewards

Spirit Day: Twin Day

Read Across America Day March 2nd.

The Reading Committee has been brainstorming some ideas that we could do this week. It is coming up fast, but I just wanted to let you know our ideas. More details to come.

  • classroom door decoration contest
  • dress like your favorite book character on March 2nd.
  • All school read-in
  • Students take pictures of themselves reading their favorite Dr. Seuss book and we will post these on the bulletin boards across from the cafeteria for each grade level.
  • Lunchroom estimation jar full of cheeseballs and decorated like the Lorax.

Can't wait for the fun week!

Assessment Updates

Preparation for Kansas State Assessments

Every desktop, laptop, iPad, etc. that will be used to administer state assessments should be checked this week to see if KITE is functioning properly on the device. The best way to check the device is take a practice test. Our computer lab received new computers last week, so Amy is working on getting KITE back on those. However, with most of our assessments being given via i-pads you can move forward in checking these ASAP. The attachment titled KITE Client Practice Tests.pdf has instructions for taking a practice test. Grade 3-5 teachers, please complete a practice test sometime soon using the i-pads you’ll use for the actual assessments in order to confirm your i-pads are prepared. Please let me know once you have completed a practice test and alert me to any difficulties you experience.

Below are the teachers and grade levels sharing iPads during testing. You must make every effort to make sure your iPads are charged each evening. You have a couple options when sharing iPads. One option is to give the teacher the iPads at the start of each testing day. The teacher can return the iPads when finished each day. Another option is to give the iPads to the teacher for the 3 days of testing, then that teacher will return the iPads until the next test session.

Fiscus and Ballinger will share with all of 2nd grade

Hawthorne and Skiles will share.

Klipowicz will share with Kindergarten.

Hitchcock and Fontaine will share with AM K and 1st Grade.

Once the testing schedule is finalized I will send it out to everyone.

District Survey

Parents will receive a City Watch email with information regarding the district survey on Monday. The email will contain a link for the survey. They have also received information and link in our February Family Newsletter.

Additionally, parents will be offered the chance to complete the survey while at school for Parent Teacher conferences. There will be laptops set up in the cafeteria for this purpose.

During conferences, please offer all parents a flyer with the QR code that will link to the survey. They can take the survey on their smart phones or tablets. These will be placed in your box.

Para educator Points due March 1, 2016

Para educators must earn 20 Para educator points each year in order for the district to claim reimbursement for the para educator’s position. The district requires that all para educator points be completed by March 1st. See your immediate supervisor with any questions in this regard.

To Do or Due:

Parent Teacher Conferences: Wed, Feb. 10, 4:30-8:30; & again Thurs, Feb. 11, 11:00-8:00.

 Please give the office a copy of your conference schedule on Monday 2/8.

If you are a SPED provider, please let the teacher know if you need to come to the conference. Most likely it is just to share monitoring forms and its very quick.

 Mid-term grades go home at conferences

 What student work will be on display in the hallways?

 Please let Terry know if you would like Trisha to attend a conference with you.

 5th grade Please distribute your students’ MAP assessment results at February Parent Teacher Conferences

 QRI end of year results will be reported for every student at EOY. Plan ahead.

 It is time to lock down field trip requests that will take place this semester. Arrangements should be made for all field trip requests this semester and get dates for our calendar asap! Remember to get these dates on the calendar--let Terry and Susan know.

Target date—no later than Spring Break to confirm arrangements.

Are you all right? from 50 ways to improve student behavior by Breaux and Whitaker.

The "Are you all right? technique is simple, is effective, and is based on the premise that students who believe you actually care about them are much more apt to behave better. Here's what you do: The next time a student is behaving inappropriately in your classroom, take him outside of the classroom and ask, in a very sincere tone, "Are you all right? (it is vitally important that you appear genuine and concerned) You may see a surprised look on the student's face. But almost always, the student will answer, "Yes." Then follow with this by saying, "well, the reason I'm asking is that the way you were behaving in class was inappropriate and not at all like you." (okay, so maybe you're stretching the truth a little, as this particular behavior was very typical of that student, but we think you can see where we're going with this..."And so I knew that for you to be acting that way, something had to be bothering you. And I just wanted you to know that if you need to talk about what's bother you, I'm here for you."

That's it.

Please note that what you did not do was also very important. You did not dare him to do it again, you did not act personally offended, you did not threaten him, and you did not belittle him. You expressed nothing but caring and concern about his inappropriate behavior.

Want to see all the ideas shared on Friday?

Check out our teacher class SeaSaw. Remember, we want this to be a place where we can share our ideas and learn from each other. We would love to see what is happening in your class!

Have a great week!