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Volumen 13, Edicion 6 - October 30, 2019

Minutos de Mrs. Hutchins

Immersion Education – Teaching academic content in another language

Hello Fronteras Families!

Thank you so much Kindergarten and 4th/5th grade families for providing tons of pumpkins for Pumpkin Investigation and Carving on Tuesday! Your help and support made the entire day a ton of fun for our kiddos!

We loved seeing all of the clever costumes come through the front door this morning! Everyone looked fantastic! Thank you to our incredible volunteers who helped make the various activities throughout the school a huge success today! Your time is always appreciated!

Looking forward to seeing everyone for parent conferences tomorrow beginning at 7am! And remember that all kiddos in costume can Trick or Treat at my lobby coffee stand!

No school for students this Friday, November 1st. It is a Professional Development day for staff. Enjoy the extra day with your children!

Wishing everyone a fabulous weekend!

Most Sincerely,

Mrs. Hutchins

“There is nothing like a really loyal, dependable, good friend. Nothing.” – Jennifer Aniston

Halloween Shenanigans at Fronteras!

Parent-Teacher Conferences

Parent-Teacher conferences will be held tomorrow, October 31st, 7:00am to 10:30am and 11:30am to 2:30pm. All conferences are held in the gym and are first come first serve. Conference time should take no more than 15 minutes. If you need more time with your student's teacher, please schedule a meeting for a later date.

Lost & Found

Lost & Found will be taken to Good Will on Friday, November 1, 2019 at 3:00pm! We encourage parents and students to go through it regularly.

P.E. News!

Thank you for all students and families for sending in your healthy futures logs. Research shows when you record your healthy habits like eating and exercising, you are more likely to make healthy choices each day. The logs are due a few days after each month, so I can enter the logs in the program before the deadline and students will receive a prize. If anyone has any ‘treasures’ to donate to our extra prize healthy future box, please send them into Sra. Hill.

We are still looking for any donations of gently used gym shoes for student’s to use as needed.

Fronteras Archery Invitational Tournaments and Club!

We will start the exciting adventure of practicing and learning archery skills in Physical Education classes 4th-Middle School November-December.

Interested students will be invited to attend an archery tournament and practice archery club this semester. Please look for invitations for club practice and tournament invitation/permissions slips to come home by Friday, November 15th.

Invitation to attend clubs and tournament will be based on interest, exemplary behavior, demonstration of archery skills and safety, and attendance.

4th- 5th Grade Students

  • Tournament date will be Wednesday, December 18th TBD times (most likely during school hours) TBD location (most likely Shaw Elementary) Only 15 students will be invited to attend from each school
  • Archery practice club for tournament-invite only Wednesday and Thursdays, December 4th , 5th, 11th and 12th at 7:00 a.m. in Fronteras Gym

Middle School Students 6th-8th Grade

  • Tournament date will be Saturday, December 7th TBD times (most likely 8:30-4:30) Here at Fronteras Gym. TBD number of students invited per school
  • Archery practice club for tournament-invite only Wednesday and Thursdays November 20th, 21st, 27th, and possibly one more the week before the tournament TBD at 7:00 a.m. in Fronteras Gym

Guest Teacher Recruitment

Hello Fronteras Families!

Are you looking for an enriching and fulfilling way to spend those lonely daytime hours you find yourself with? How about being a guest teacher at Fronteras?

Below are the district prerequisites for all classroom substitute teachers:

· Must hold a GED or High School Diploma

· Must be out of high school for a minimum of 3 full school years

· Must enjoy working with other people’s children!

It’s easy to apply! Follow the directions below to find the application and resources to help apply:

· Go to district website at:



· Click on Video Tutorial How to Apply

· After watching the video, click on APPLY HERE

*To be a guest teacher ONLY at Fronteras, you must interview with Principal Hutchins (interview form is included in the Substitute Packet)

*To be a guest teacher at ALL district schools, you must interview at the school district office

We would love to see you in our classrooms working with our students! Thank you for considering fulfilling an important role for our students and our school(s)!

Contact Amber Allen at 746-9245 with any questions you have after watching the video tutorial!

Toys For Tots!

We are excited to announce something new this year! We will be a collection site for Toys For Tots! If willing and able, please drop off an unwrapped toy into the box in our front lobby. We will collect toys until December 17th. Thank you in advance for your support and care for those in need of a happy Christmas!

The Alaskan Nutcracker Field Trip!

Fronteras will once again be attending the local production of “The Alaskan Nutcracker” as a whole school on Thursday, December 12, 2019 at the Glenn Massay theater. All students will be attending the performance FREE OF CHARGE thanks to money raised through Believe Kids. If you have already paid through SchoolCash Online your money will be refunded. We will not take chaperones as all Fronteras staff will attend with the students. Permission slips went home on Friday, October 18th. Students not attending this annual field trip need to be picked up by 10:00am as the school will be closed with no staff on site during the field trip. Extra permission slips are available on the website calendar and at the front desk!

2019 Annual Fronteras Holiday Bazaar!

Join us for a fun and family friendly annual event that benefits the 8th grade trip to Puerto Rico! Get an early start to your holiday shopping with something for everyone! See the attached flyer below for more information! If you are an interested vendor who would like to participate in the 2019 Fronteras Annual Holiday Bazaar, vendor registration forms are available on the link below, the website calendar and at the front desk!

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October Birthdays!

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School District Tardy Policy

BP 5144.1 C. 2. Attendance

Studies have shown that student attendance at school is directly related to student success. Parents, students, and schools need to work together to promote attendance and success. In order to effectuate positive results and good communication, an automated telephone call will be made to the parents when a student is absent; a written notice will be mailed to the parents after five days of absence. After nine days of absenteeism, the student’s absences will be considered habitual and another written notice will be mailed to the parents. In cases of habitually truant students, a referral may be made to the Office of Children’s Services. After ten cumulative absences in a semester an administrative, parent, and student conference is required. Schools are encouraged to have positive incentive programs to reward good attendance by students and staff. Parents are encouraged to take an active role in student attendance and to alert the school when their child is to be absent. It is the responsibility of the student to make arrangements to keep up with schoolwork when he or she is absent from school.

Students in grades K-5 who attend a minimum of 3.5 hours, regardless of the time of the day, are present for a full day. Students who attend less than 3.5 hours, regardless of the time of the day, are present for a half day.

A student is considered tardy 5 minutes after the start of elementary school and after the bell rings for each class in middle and high school.

High school and middle school absences are to be recorded for each class period on the district’s student information system by the teacher.

The principal shall have the final authority and discretion on matters related to such discipline for truancy.

After School Enrichment Clubs

If you are interested in leading an After School Enrichment Club, please contact club coordinators Eve Little at 907-775-3205 or Carrie Roushar at 907-301-0773. Club volunteers are needed for quarters 3 and 4! Get those volunteers hours in!

Synergy Gradebook News!

As you know, we launched a new Student Information System (SIS) this year called Synergy. Overall, we received very positive feedback from parents regarding the registration process in Synergy ParentVue, and we sincerely hope your experience with registration was smooth. This new SIS is more intuitive and user-friendly, but as you can imagine, the learning curve for all of our user groups has been steep. Our teachers and staff have spent countless hours training, troubleshooting, and collaborating with colleagues as they learn the new system, especially with the new Synergy Gradebook. We ask for your patience as teachers learn the new Gradebook system and as we work through issues that inevitably arise with such a big change. Please know that even if grades are not posted for all subjects in ParentVue this quarter, teachers are keeping records of your child’s progress and will be able to post accurate first quarter grades on the first quarter report card. You can expect to see more grades posted in ParentVue as we progress through our learning curve, and again we thank you for your patience. As always, we encourage you to reach out to your child’s teacher if you have any questions about your child’s progress. Thank you for your continued support of our school.

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Did You Know?

What is Day of the Dead?

Day of the Dead ("Dia de los Muertos") is a multi-day festival celebrated every year from October 31 to November 2. The multi-day holiday involves family and friends gathering to pray for and remember friends and family members who have died, and helping support their spiritual journey. In Mexican culture, death is viewed as a natural part of the human cycle. Mexicans view it not as a day of sadness but as a day of celebration because their loved ones awake and celebrate with them. It originated in Mexico, for which it has become a national symbol, and has now spread to many other countries, especially the United States and Latin America. It blends with the traditions and customs for honoring the dead in other nations and cultures.

Day of the Dead consists of two distinct holidays, the Day of the Innocents ("Día de los Inocentes") or Day of the Little Angels ("Día de los Angelitos") on November 1 dedicated to infants and children, and the actual Day of the Dead on November 2. Celebrations often start on October 31. The three days of festivities are collectively referred to as Day of the Dead.

In Latin and South American cultures the celebration of the dead is a custom that goes back thousands of years. Traditionally held during summer, upon the arrival of the Spanish it was gradually changed to coincide with the Christian celebrations of Hallowtide: Halloween (All Saints' Eve) on October 31, All Saints' Day on November 1 and All Souls' Day on November 2. It also coincides with the ancient Celtic seasonal festival to mark the end of the harvest and to remember the dead known as Samhain that is celebrated from sunset on October 31 to sunset on November 1.

Day of the Dead is often called Día de los Muertos in anglophone countries, even though the original name is Día de Muertos.