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KHS PLC Weekly Newsletter October 31, 2014

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PLCs will meet at regularly scheduled times. If you are not able to attend, please let me know ahead of time so that we may reschedule the meeting.
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This week our focus was on learning about the new STAAR A assessment. I want to thank everyone who attended the session with Kalli, Courtney, and Stephanie. Please remember to let us know ASAP if you have concerns regarding any of your students. We will look at each individual student case by case and see how we may best support that student.

For a student to qualify to take the STAAR A assessment, the student must:

  • have an identified disability and receive special education services
  • be identified with dyslexia or a related disorder and receive 504 services
  • meet a minimum of two of the criteria for the subject on the chart you received during our meeting (see picture below)

If you have a student receiving special education services and the student does not qualify for the STAAR A assessment yet needs accommodations to be successful, please complete the checklist that Stephanie made for you and return it to her ASAP. You may also refer to the "cheat sheet" she made for you outlining allowable accommodations for STAAR.

We will need to have ARDs or ARD ammendments for many of these students so the sooner you can let us know, the better. If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know. We are here to help you!!

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Fast Facts about STAAR A

STAAR A is an accommodated online version of STAAR for students who meet eligibility requirements.

STAAR A will be administered for the first time in Spring 2015.

STAAR A will include online tools, embedded accommodations to selections and test questions, and accessibility features.

STAAR A will be the same as STAAR in the following ways:

  • same passing standards
  • same time limits
  • same assessed curriculum
  • same test blueprint
  • same progress measures

STAAR A will be different than STAAR in the following ways:

  • no field questions
  • online administration
  • embedded accommodations and accessibility features

A student may take STAAR in some subjects and STAAR A in other subjects, depending on eligibility.

For More Information about the STAAR A Assessment, Click on the Link Below

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