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Make-up Instructions for February 11th Non-Contact Day


We will need to consider our options for making up the seven hours from the ice day on 2/11. We will discuss this topic at our next SHIELD meeting. Options include: graduation, extending the work day, PLC meeting, combination, etc.

On March 9th, 2016 a memo was released outlining the procedures for absence reporting for February 11th, 2016. The memo included the following instructions for certified staff of the core district schools:

"There will not be a student make-up day. The certified staff contract day will be made-up by extending the work day by a total of seven hours for a week determined by the school administration. Principals have the discretion to use the extra hour after school for professional development, professional learning communities, etc. Staff with coaching or other extra-curricular obligations can work with principals to make-up the time prior to the end of the school year."

Weekly Schedule

Monday 4/11

  • 5th Period Admin Meeting
  • 3:00 Office Meeting

Tuesday 4/12

  • 7:20 Process Champions
  • 9:15 Counseling Meeting
  • 2:20 Department Meetings
  • 6:00 pm Mr. CHS (Leadership)

Wednesday 4/13

  • 6:45 SHIELD Meeting

Thursday 4/14

  • 6:00 pm Mrs. CHS Leadership
  • 7:00 pm NHS Induction

Friday 4/15 (Tax Day)

  • 8:15 Counseling Huddle
  • 6:00 pm JROTC Banquet ANC
  • 5:00-8:30 pm Girls' & Boys' Soccer @ CHS

Remaining Staff Meetings, PLC (Department Meetings), and SHIELD Meetings

  • 4/12 Department
  • 4/13 SHIELD
  • 4/19 Staff
  • 4/26 Department
  • 4/27 SHIELD
  • 5/3 Staff
  • 5/16 Staff

CHS Informational Moment

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Grading Practices Douglas Reeves, Ph.D.

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I hope all is well . . . have a great week!!!