Alexander Graham Bell

Inventor of the Telephone

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Early Life

Bell was born in Edinburg, Scotland on March 3, 1847. He had two brothers Melville and and Edward who both died of tuberculosis. He father was Professor Alexander Melville Bell and his mother was Eliza Grace. On hiss 11th birthday Bell adopted the middle name Graham in honor of a friend of his family Alexander Graham. Bell made his first invention at age 12. It was a simple dehusking machine made from rotating puddles and nail brushes. As a kid Bell enjoyed nature, art, poetry, and music.

The Telephone

In 1874 telegraph message traffic was rapidly expanding. The Western Union President Willam Orton wanted to find a way tthat send multiple messages on each telegraph line to avoid the cost of building new lines. The two main inventors put in charge of doing this were Thomas Edison and Elisha Gray. However, Bell would soon get funds for his research in this after he said he was working on a method to send multiple messages using a mult reed device. Bell later hired Thomas Watson as his assistant and the two started experimenting using acoustic telegraphy. On June 2, 1875 while Bell and Watson were experimenting a reciver failed to respond to the intermittent current from Alan electric battery. Bell told Watosn to pluck on of the reciver's reeds. When he did this Bell could hear the reed being plucked throught the other end. This was a big step to Bell's invention of the telephone. Almost a year later after many experiments Bell finally struck big. Bell accidentally spilled acid near a transmitter and told Watson that he need him. Watson came back and told Bell that he had heard him throught the reciver in the other room. This so was seen as the invention of the telephone.
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The First Telephone

Other Inventions

Bell also invented other things besides the telephone. As stated early he invented a dehusking machine at age 12. He also had other invention in his later years such as the photo phone, the metal detector, and Hydrofoils. The photophone was invented by Bell and his assitant Charles Sumnter Tainter. Its purpose was to transmit sounds and normal human conversations on a beam of light. Thephone's first long distance massage went over 700 ft. Bell later said that the photophone was his greatest invention even better than the telephone. Bell is also created with inventing the metal detector. He invented it as an attempt to find the bullet in the body of President James Garfield as doctors said it was lodged to far interest the body for them to find. Bell also helped with the making of hydroplanes which were suppose to be planes that traveled over water. Overtime Bell worked on and improve these hydroplanes with his fastest going about 70 mph.
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The Photophone

Other Work

As a young adult Bell worked a lot with sound. He decided that he wanted to use his findings to help out deaf people. Bell worked at deaf schools in Boston and tried to help deaf people with some of his inventions. He would also run programs to teach deaf people things if his inventions wouldn't work. Bell latered opened his School of Vocal Physiology and Mechanics of Speech were he privately tutored 30 students. One of his pupils was Helen Keller who couldn't hear, speak, and see and later beacame a famous author. Keller latered thanked Bell and said that he dedicated his life to helping people with hearing problems.
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Bell working at a deaf school


Bell recived made honors for what he did in his life. He revived many Hobart degrees from colleges and universities as well as dozens of major awards, metals, and other tributes. Many of Bell's personal writings and notebooks are now at the Libary of Congress in Washington DC. Bell has also had many histriocal site, musems, and parks made for him across the U.S., Canada, and Europe.

My Reaction

I really enjoyed learning more about Alexander Graham Bell. I really wanted to lean more about him as I knew little before this. I also wanted to know the history of the telephone as it is a common thing used today. I was also very surprised by the other things Bell invented that I didn't know about. One thing I still wonder is who pick up were Bell left off to modify the telephone?

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