Jaguar News

Volume 1, Issue 7 - September 29, 2017

Dear families,

It is hard to believe it is the end of September already! Our students are doing great as we keep teaching and reinforcing routines and procedures. Thank you for partnering with us sending consistent messages to our students about being Respectful, Responsible, Kind, and Safe (RRKS)!

New English Language Arts Teacher

Please, join us as we welcome Ms. Brianne Noltie to Gentry. Ms. Noltie will be replacing Mrs. Sweeny, who is moving out of state with her family, and will be teaching 7th and 8th grade English.

Crossing the Parking Lot

As you pick your students up in the afternoon, please do not ask them to cross the parking lot by themselves. We ask all parents escort their students from the sidewalk to their car if they need to get in front of cars. Please, help us keep your children safe!

From the Nurse's Office

Reminder for 7th grade science camp

Please remember to bring your students required medications in to the health office prior to the day of camp. If your student carries an inhaler, remember to send that with them. Also if they have seasonal allergies, please remember to give them their allergy medicine. Science camp is an amazing time and we want them to enjoy every minute! Call the health office at 214-3246 if you have any questions.

7th and 8th Grade Girls/Boys GMS Basketball Tryouts

Our 7th/8th girls and boys basketball team tryouts are fast approaching! If your 7th/8th grade student is interested in trying out and playing basketball for Gentry, please be sure that all of their MSHSAA paperwork is completed and on file in the main office. Your student will not be able to tryout without having ALL of this paperwork completed and on file in the office. If you have not yet completed this paperwork for your student, please be sure to either download a copy from our website or have your child pick up a packet in the main office.

Seventh grade girls and boys basketball team tryouts will be held the week of October 16th-20th.

Eighth grade girls and boys basketball team tryouts will be held the week of October 23rd-27th.

If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the main office. Go Jaguars!

Fall Theatrical Production: Silver's Secret

Please plan on joining us for our Gentry fall theatrical production: Silver's Secret. Our performance dates are fast approaching so be sure to mark your calendars now for an entertaining evening of fun! Production dates are: October 19th and 20th. The show will begin at 7:00 pm each evening. Please see a brief summary of the production's story line below. Hope to see you there!

This goofy pirate play is a treasure chest full of silliness with cheerleader mermaids, ghosts, smugglers, and lobsters as comic stagehands! As the famous pirate Long John Silver lies on his deathbed, he sends for his sons, Red Beard and Black Beard, and his daughter, No Beard. Alas, his offspring didn't inherit their father's pirating skills! Luckily, each bumbling pirate has a "smee" as an assistant, because their father sends them off to find the three keys to the treasure chest that holds his life's treasure. The children and their respective smees dash off to adventures, for whoever finds the keys first will inherit the booty! Silver's Secret is a swashbuckling good time for everyone!

Gentry Peanut Butter Drive

On Wednesday of next week, Mr. Klempke will start the annual Gentry Peanut Butter Drive. Every year, Gentry Middle School pairs with The Food Bank for Central and Northeast Missouri to collect peanut butter for the Buddy Pack program. In the past, this has been a wildly successful drive thanks to parent support to feed hungry kids in our local area. Most years have seen an incredible response of at least 2,000 jars collected in a month, with Mr. Klempke surrendering things like his hair and a little bit of dignity to encourage students to be active in helping their community. We are asking for the 16 oz. jars of peanut butter to be brought to school throughout the month of October. Mr. Klempke will either be in front of the school or in the gym every morning to collect it and pass out jolly ranchers in exchange. Thank you for your support!

Hat Day!

Gentry Builders Club will be sponsoring a Hat Day to raise donations for Susan G. Komen (breast cancer foundation) on Friday, Oct. 6th. Students who make a donation of $1 or more at the table located near the main office on the morning of hat day will be able to wear a hat during the school day. We appreciate your support and look forward to seeing our students' hats!

Dates to Remember

October 5 & 6 - Science Camp 7B

October 6 - Hat Day

October 10 & 11 - Science Camp 7A

October 12 - Parent Focus Group

October 13 - Interim Progress Reports

October 12 & 13 - Science Camp 7C

October 13 - Football vs. Volleyball Fundraiser (Susan G. Komen)

October 17 - New rotation 6th grade electives

For practices and games check Gentry website!