Your gift will change lives

Give away old stock through

Recycle your old/new items and give them to the needy

At, we collect those things you don't need and redistribute them to people and areas where they are most needed.

Anything can help. Everyone has at least an item to give.

We can schedule to pick up and drop off centers are available.

In preparation for the Food Kitchen event, we will like you to do this now.

It's simple. Give us a call (07067889694) or write to us ( Visit our facebook page, Twitter and Instagram (@lofelofeOnline) to follow our activities.

We collect any item

Give away your old/new: books, clothing, phones, computers, household items, children's clothing, toys and so on. DON'T WORRY ABOUT THE CONDITION OF THE ITEM.

You can also write to us and join our list of partners.