Protect Yourself

By: Olivia Otto

Protecting You

Use privacy settings to restrict who can see and post on your profile.

Limit your online friends to people you actually know.

Trust your gut if you feel threatened or comfortable online from someone or something you see and tell a trusted adult you know right away.

Keeping Your Information Safe

Keep all of your information to yourself and your parents don't share any passwords or important information even with your best friend.

Also don't reply to any message that says to put in any personal information. (cell phone number, address,etc.)

Guard Your Device

Be cautious opening up links because they may bring viruses and more to your device.

No matter what device you may have don't ever leave it out in public.

And don't ever let someone borrow or take your device besides your parents.

How to Use These Pointers Online

1) Just remember these pointers whenever you go online.

2) Still have a fun time, but remember the consequences.

3) Use these easily and efficiently and whenever you are concerned about something you see online just ask an adult or your parents about what you should do.


I hoped you had a great time learning about protecting yourself and more online. Trust me and take this advice next time you are online.