The Diary of a Young Girl

By Anne Frank

Anne has lived a life of privilege full of admirers, friends, and luxuries. But when the Nazi's take over, everything changes.

Her whole family goes into hiding in the "Secret Annex" along with the Van Daan family and an old dentist. With the help of some family friends, they stay hidden in an old office building. While at first, they enjoy this exciting new adventure, the days start to pass and their enthusiasm turns to fear. All of them are aware of the consequences if they are caught.

Through it all, Anne has to juggle her raging emotions, trying to be the "perfect" child her parents want. That isn't easy though, as her diary describes fights with her mother, arguments with her sister, and just struggling to grow into the person she wants to be. When a secret relationship forms between Anne and Peter, the boy hiding with them, things get even more complicated. With the war raging outside and a personal war inside her own heart, will Anne survive to see the new world?

Interesting Facts This Book Will Teach You

1) If you were Jewish, the Nazi's didn't care who you were. Man, Woman, Elder, Child: they were all given the same fate.

2) While not everyone had compassion for the Jews, a few brave souls helped out however they could, putting their own lives on the line as well.

3) Some Jewish people did try to fight back or escape the country but it was difficult and most attempts were unsuccessful.

Who Would Enjoy This Book?

Anyone who loves non-fiction books told in an interesting, unique, perspective will love this book. You really feel like you have a personal connection to Anne which keeps the pages turning.

Genre: Non-Fiction

Rating: Two Out Of Five Stars