The awesome thing about Germany

The first picture is The flag of Germany. did you know Germany is in the West Coast. Germany is French. Did you know Germany is smaller than Montana but Germany has 90 times as many people. The awesome part about Germany is that they speak 3 different languages which is English,Frisian,Dutch.The cars that they drive in Germany are Volkswagen,Audi,Bmw and Mercedes and Porsche. If you lived there your favorite sport would probably be soccer and every body there likes there soccer team because they won the last championship in the World Cup in 2014. Germany continent is in europe. Geermany is a republic witha parliamentan democracy and a bicameral system of goverment. Aerospace, and engineering, and automotive,chemical and pharmaceuticals.Sometime the girls have a traditional and they dress of germanys black forest. The currency they use is called euro that is the money they use in germany.Germans like to eat bratwurst can be made from pork,turrkey,veal or from beef. these are delicious sausages are probably the most famous German food. they also eat German bologna and soft pretzels and sauerkraut. The Education system in germany varies from state to state, although the basic k-12 system is farily uniform. The religion in germany - christianity about 65% to 70% of the population are followers of the christian eligion in germany. They are more or less evenly split between the mainstream denominations of lutheran protestantism and calvinism united in the evangelical church in Germany and the roman catholic church. Germany cities and larger towns have efficient public transport systems. They also use under ground subways. The weather in Germany in January will be calling for scattered showers precipitations 30% the humidity 90% the wind will be 5 mph and 39 degree on January 25,2016. The winters are cold and summer is warm. The tourist spots in Germany is the brandenburg gate and the berlin wall, neuschwanstein castle and they also have the zugspitze. One of the fun facts is zugspitze stands about 9,721 feet 2,963 meters tall. Hiking from the base of the mountain to the summit often takes several days.


Germany foods,cars

Germans eat German bolonga and sacrat.