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Lineville Intermediate School Tecnology


A easy fun way to create home movies!

You can take videos and pictures of your family or whatever you want and put them together to make your movie!

You can also add sound!

You can add background music or you can narrate it!

My personal favorite part of iMovie is that you can send it to friends or to your youtube channel!


iTrailer is a fun and quick way to make a trailer for the movie that you are going to make!

You just simply take some footage from your movie and put it in where you want in the boxes! Then you can add captions after some pictures to tell what your movie is about!

There are many theme options you can choose from for your movie you can choose and action, retro, scary, fairy tale, and many more!

Explain Everything!

Explain everything is an app that you can use to teach your friends or family how to do something! For example if you want to teach your family or friends how to multiply, you could make a slide show on explain everything and show them how step by step! But you could have some difficulties if you don't update it.

Haiku Deck!

Haiku deck is a easy way to make a slide show! If you are running late with a project that is due this is the app for you. You can choose from several different layouts! When you need pictures you can press the blue button, search for what your looking for, and you can put it in the background! If you don't want a picture you can just make it a solid color! Also if you do an assignment on this app you can easily send it to your teacher!

Go Animate!

Go animate is a website that you can make your own little cartoon with! You can choose your characters and your location! You can add sound by recording your voice or typing what you want them to say and picking a voice! You can also choose actions you want your character to do! I personally think this is a great website if you want to learn how make your very own cartoon!