Maycomb Country

About Maycomb

People In Maycomb

Maycomb is a town of Many different types of people. here are many children such as the Finches Jem and Scout. Also the Ewell children, and more! There are black and white folk here, like Atticus Finch a white man, a lawyer in Maycomb. There are also many black folk such as Calpurnia the Finches house keeper and Tom Robinson, a cotton picker in Maycomb. People may be a little judgmental so if your kind of different maybe Maycombs not right for you. A man who is different such as Boo Radley who never comes out of his house is considered very strange and weird in Maycomb.

Here are the Finches if you have kids the children are a blast to play with. Your kids will never be bored!
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In Maycomb there are many job opportunities, you could become a field worker, a lawyer, a teacher, a court member and much more! So come to Maycomb if your looking for a successful career!
This is Miss Stephanie Crawford a Teacher in Maycomb Country! Just behave yourself and you'll have a great school year!
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Weather In Maycomb

Here in Maycomb it's like summer year round every once in a while it may get a little chilly!