VCR Lesson 7 Presentation

Callie Wyatt

Fill in the Blank

To get a raise at her job, the worker _________ her boss every day for a month until he said yes.
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The Word


(tr. verb) to make repeated or insistent demands or requests


portus (L) "harbor," "gate"

im or in (L) "in"











Choose the letter in which the word is used incorrectly

A. Every now and then, the teenager would importune his mother for money for the mall.

B. The small child would not stop importuning his parents until they let him have cookies.

C. When the students final grade remained at an 89, he importuned his teacher for two weeks until the teacher agreed to give him an extra credit assignment to help his grade.

D. After getting tired of listening to his importune every 5 minutes, the parent succumbed to going on the teacups at Disney World.


The answer is A because the request is not constant.


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