Man's Best Friend

Max Bovard


I had wanted adopt a dog for a while, but my parents though I was to irresponsible to take care of a dog. I always felt that adopting a dog was a great thing to do, and my 10 year old self though that I could handle the responiablity of a dog. Well 4 years later I finally proved I was responiable enough to get a dog.

The Day

Finally all of my work paid off, on January 29th my parents went to a home & garden show, where the local shelter was trying to get dogs to good families. My parents would not tell me where we were going, and I though it was a trip to a grocery store or something boring of the sort. When we walked into the event center, I was truly bored, I just followed my parents. Near the back of the event center was the shelter both, and there was a dog, sitting on a lady's lap, quiet and content. She was not the biggest dog, nor the strongest, but she calmly hopped to the ground and trotted over to me. I walked her around the event center, as my mom called my dad about adopting her. My dad agreed and I took her home, where she now resides. Her name is Gidgit, and she is the best dog.