Come to the New and Improved Athens

We have rebuilt bigger and better!!


We have some amazing theaters, such as The Theater of Dionysus. This theater features comedy's and tragedy's. But in the future we hope woman can act.

Come to the Agora for all your shopping needs.

We also have great food stalls to satisfy your hunger. We predict that some one in the future will make something like a strip mall.

We have Math!!

We helped create geometry.
The Greek Legacy: How the Ancient Greeks shaped modern mathematics

We have the best athletes in the world!!!!!

We have the Olympics (Men only) we also have many other events. The lighting of the Olympic torch will hopefully be used in the future.
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We have some of the greatest architectural feats in the world.

We use three different styles of pillars that may appeal to you. The Doric which is the most plain, the Ionic which has scrolls, and the Corinthian which is very fancy. We hope that someone will incorporate them in the future.
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We now have medicine

Hippocrates was the one who told us that you can tell whats wrong with people by their symptoms. But we still cant perform autopsy's because the gods will get ANGRY!!
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Philosophers Unite

Do you love to argue? Do you like to ask questions? Well do we have the thing for you. Become one of Athens many philosophers such as Socrates. But watch out some of the government officials may want you dead.
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