Electromagnetic Waves!

By Luka G. Silva

What are Electromagnetic Waves?

The transmission of energy through a vaccum or no medium caused by a disturbance of electric and magnetic fields joining together. Sometimes called Electromagnetic Radiation, Light, or Photons. Electromagnetic waves oscillate in perpendicular directions to each other and the wave. Units used to measure it are Hertz for frequency/cycles per second, 1E-9 for different Infrared, Ultraviolet, Visible and X-Rays, , and 1E-12 for X and Gamma Rays.

What uses Electromagnetic Waves?

Various household devices frequently use Electromagnetic Waves, such as a microwave, some types of radio, TV remotes, Lightbulbs, and even the actual rays of sunlight. However, all of these devices use different types of Electromagnetic Waves/Light, since they are on different parts of the spectrum.
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