Texas in the Civil War

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The Battle at Sabine Pass

The battle at Sabine Pass took place in Jefferson County, Texas. The battle occurred on September 24th-25th, 1862. Union gunboats attacked the Confederacy witch were set up near the shore. The Texans fired and sunk two of the boats.

The Battle at Galveston

The battle at Galveston took place in Galveston County, Texas. The battle occurred on January 1st, 1863.

The Battle at Palmito Ranch

The battle at Palmito Ranch took place in Cameron County, Texas. The battle occurred on May 12th-13th, 1865. This battle had no impact on the Civil War because Robert E. Lee had already surrendered. So even though the Confederacy won this battle, they lost the war.

Problems and Tensions

The Peace Party

The Peace Party was a group of people who stayed loyal to the Union during the war. Even though they lived in the south, they didn't agree with the idea of slaves or a war. Through out the war, the numbers of members grew drastically.


Blockades were placed by the Union so the Confederacy could not import or export goods out of the south. This caused many southerners to lose money because exporting goods was one of the ways they made the most money.

Wartime Economy

Imports and Exports

Due to the blockades put in importing and exporting goods was very hard. Many times they would have to export it to Mexico, so Mexico could ship it to the north. This worked because the blockade didn't affect foreign ships.

Little Money

During the civil war, there was very little money. The reason being that they had to pay for war, taxes, new currency. Not to mention the new currency was worth close to nothing.

Women and the war effort

Women dressed as Men?

Women were not allowed to fight in the war so some put on a fake mustache and grabbed a gun. Frances Louisa Clayton was a women that enlisted in the army with her husband and started swearing, smoking, and gambling too sell her identity.

Other jobs

Nursing, couriers, seamstress, cook, manager, sales, even defending their own property are the jobs that most women had during the Civil War. They were not allowed to fight so they helped in any way they could.

Hardships on the home front

Little Food

Many people relied on exports for money but since they could no longer export goods to the North they had to cut back production leaving most Southerners (and even Northerners too) witch very little amounts of food.

Substitute food

During the war food and money was low. People had to start being creative with meals. If an ingredient was missing what would they chose? These are just a few.

Unionism and Conscientious Objectors

Map of the Civil War